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Regular SeedsIt can be a bit bewildering, especially if you’re a first-time grower, to choose which types of seeds to buy. Indoor or outdoor, regular, feminized or auto-flowering, indica or sativa? A mixed pack or a single strain? High THC or CBD? A good piece of advice is to first look at where you might be cultivating them; if the answer is indoors, then checking factors such as height and flowering time may be your top priority. Outdoors, look for cannabis breeds specifically designed to withstand cold, wet summers, or finish maturing before the first cold nights.

Afghan SeedsAfghan is an original Indica cannabis strain with a heavy yield. It has a short flowering period and a high flower-to-leaf ratio. This variety produces masses of large resin glands which coat the buds and extend to the stems of its wide-bladed shade leaves.

This old-school seed-strain was originally imported from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and has since been selectively bred in Holland to create seeds to buy for indoor cultivation (though outdoor cultivation is also possible in a Mediterranean climate, where this weed type will grow into fat bushes in free soil or large pots). Afghan is one of the most important cannabis genotypes and has been used in the creation of many popular modern hybrids.

Afghan has a strong, acrid aroma, with distinct notes of earth and incense and sweeter undertones. The smoke is thick and heavy with a strong, sometimes soporific buzz. Novice consumers are advised to consider using this as a strain for evening use, or days when they have nothing important planned!

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Aurora Indica SeedsAurora Indica is one of our most potent and popular Indica cannabis seed strains. It's a highly sought-after weed due to its heavy yield, exceptional resin production and quick, vigorous growth. People who try these seeds (not to mention the finished product) once, do tend to come back again and buy more!

This f1 cannabis hybrid is a blend of an Afghani cultivar and the legendary Northern Lights. It doesn’t gain too much height in flowering and will grow huge, heavy colas. Although Aurora Indica is not specifically recommended for beginners, people with a knack for gardening can achieve spectacular results even on their first grow if they apply a little care and patience; some growers have described Aurora Indica as being like an easier to grow (and cheaper) version of Northern Lights.

Aurora Indica has a deliciously spicy black hash flavour and an extremely powerful Indica buzz. Similarly to its famous relative, the odour of Aurora Indica during the grow period is milder than that of the finished product, although naturally during the flowering period this increases with the development of the buds.

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Big Bud SeedsThe Big Bud cannabis type has won multiple awards at various harvest festivals and grow competitions in the years since its original release, and now you can find out why this heavyweight Indica seed strain has been a favourite to buy for people wishing to grow the maximum amount of bud possible per harvest, at a very reasonable price!

Hailed by the SEEDS-R-US crew as one of the best types of ganja to be created by crossing a Skunk with an Afghan, Big Bud underwent a long and careful stabilization process to ensure that the exceptional phenotype would be successfully produced by future generations, so that anyone with the space and know-how would be able to grow it and expect similar jaw-dropping results. Big Bud does need a longer time than the very fastest-flowering cannabis strains that we offer, and is not the most compact kind of weed we offer by a long way, but time and size are two of the key elements that make Big Bud seeds some of the best for producing huge amounts of weed.

The flavour is a strong, fresh and herbal, with distinct notes of garlic and spice.

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