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Bubblelicious SeedsBubblelicious is a mostly-Indica cannabis strain which produces a surprisingly heavy yield for such a compact plant. It will grow vigorously and finishes flowering in about 8 weeks. Bubblelicious is an ideal choice for people who want to buy cannabis seeds for a large, quick, potent harvest of firm dense buds.

Bubbelicious was originally developed in the US, before being brought to Holland in the 1990s and improved by having its flavour and potency intensified through careful breeding. In more recent years, this delicious type of marijuana is being rediscovered by a new generation of cannabis fans who are eagerly being swept into the clouds by its unusual candy flavour.

If given a longer than usual vegetation time and enough space, Bubblelicious plants can achieve a size which allows them to produce a truly weighty harvest. Kept smaller and encouraged towards the more compact side of their nature,the yields are still very satisfying. Bubblelicious seeds produce highly resinous and super-sweet plants; the best individuals become suffused with the distinct aroma and flavour of pink bubble gum, which gives this super special plant its name!

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