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Misty SeedsMisty is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain which shares many genes and qualities (THC content in particular) with White Widow. Misty finishes earlier and grows larger, tighter flower clusters, which allow it to produce a greater yield. Misty is a short and stocky weed plant with strong, productive lateral branching. Buds appear a lighter green due to their extra-dense covering of sticky resin glands. Trichomes also cover the single-bladed ‘spear leaves’ which grow from the buds and THC crystals can extend all the way to the stems of the large fan leaves. This tendency makes it a good choice for people who want to buy cannabis seeds for a strain particularly suited to being used for hash making or resin extraction. Misty gives off a powerful sweet-musky smell with strong earthy and spicy elements. The Indica heritage is very apparent in this distinctive flavour. Smoke is thick and expansive, and the powerfully mellow stone is tempered by an energetic, uplifting high from Misty’s recessive Sativa ancestors.

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