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Ice SeedsIce is an Indica-Sativa cannabis hybrid with a very heavy yield. Indoors, this cannabis variety works well in both hydro and soil systems. Ice will also grow happily outdoors in regions with a Mediterranean climate.

With the Ice seed strain, we have successfully united quality and quantity. The ancestors of Ice include an old-time Afghani, a very special Skunk, Northern Lights and Silver Haze. An exacting selection process involving thousands of plants was used to isolate and reinforce the special balance of qualities found in this variety.

The buds produced by Ice are thickly coated with trichomes and have a very dense structure with a high flower-to-leaf ratio. Solid colas cover the upper sections of the main stem and branches. Thanks to the incredibly large amount of crystals covering not just the buds but also the small leaves near them, Ice is an ideal type to buy for anyone considering making weed butter or their own hash.

The effect of Ice is stoney and heavy; its buds are drenched in a rich, sweet, resinous flavour which contains hints of a sharp, almost astringent aroma.

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