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California Orange Bud SeedsCalifornia Orange Bud is an Indica-Sativa cannabis seed strain with a heavy yield. This variation of Orange Bud has been selected for its sweet orange aroma and taste. During both the grow and flowering periods, this old-school classic begins to exude mouth-watering notes of citrus and spice which intensify once the dense, solid buds are harvested and cured.

The flowering time for California Orange Bud is a bit longer than that of some other cannabis hybrids, but well worth the wait. A large amount of the plants will also grow long pistils which develop a deep amber to vibrant orange colour, giving them a refreshingly different appearance from the many 'white' strains that are available to buy. Some even develop an unusual and pleasing pinkish hue!

California Orange Bud is one of the easier varieties of cannabis to grow and can be successfully farmed in a range of conditions - indoors, in the greenhouse, or outside in warm and sunny climates. Its forgiving nature and ease of cultivation makes it a great choice for experienced and novice growers alike.

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