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White Widow SeedsWhite Widow is one of the biggest yielding Indica-Sativa cannabis hybrids around, producing massive harvests of almost completely solid buds. White Widow's Afghani and Brazilian parents met in the mid-Nineties, and their offspring set the standard for a new type of cannabis, launching the wave of 'White' strains that continues to this day.

Rightly hailed as one of the best commercial weeds around, people looking for a fast turnover of high quality product would do well to buy White Widow cannabis seeds. Despite the many hybrids that have followed in its footsteps, at SEEDS-R-US we think that the original can still more than hold its own among the newcomers!

The SEEDS-R-US White Widow seeds will grow to a medium height and develop thick, strong branches. This strength is needed to support the exceptionally heavy buds! It's a pleasure to watch White Widow during the flowering process, as a super-thick coating of trichomes spreads across the clusters of flowers.

White Widow will grow like an Indica, and the buds may appear very Indica, but there is a definite Sativa drive behind the effect - a great choice for energetic, social or creative activities!

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